It seems like another world in which we made our plans for the 3rd edition of the Vesalius Triennial Congress, 4 months before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. From vain belief that COVID-19 would not hit most countries, to hopes that everything would have blown over by 13th november 2020 (the day when the next Vasalius Triennial Congress would take place in Antwerp) to realizing that we were going to have to take action, the scientific committee has transofrmed from one in which everyone knew their time-tried and perfected role, to one requiring invention in uncharted territory.

Cancelling the 3rd Vesalius Triennial was never an option, since facilitating human communication is the corner stone of a scientific community. So we set sail for the vast vitual-reality realm. To discover just how far we could delve into virtual communication with a dedicated but small organising committee, was an eventful, insighful voyage, as is COVID-19 itself. Sadly after long and careful consideration and several online meetings we finally decided to postpone all international congres keynote lectures and education sessions until 2023.

Howver, to enable the Triennial 2020 congress speakers to enlighten a future generation of medical, historical and artistically inspired professionals with new discoveries from the last 3 years, a completely new edition, a book about Vesalius, will be launched this year.

You are hereby invited to immerse yourself in new evidence based writings on Vesalius' work and influence written by Belgian and international experts in the field of History, Medicine and Art.

Stay up to date and sign up for this innovative book.

Pre-order price (until release on 13th november 2020): 39,=, postage and handling excluded.
(Price as of 14th november 2020: 45).


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